Lip balms retail for $5.00ea and come in a cardboard display box. 


Orange blossom is based on our winter trip to Florida during the 2020 super bowl. We did not attend the super bowl, we went to visit family. That said, being at the airport with all the folks who were going was pretty magical! We got to experience the excitement of the event while we were there and seeing a parade of red in a place far from Kansas City was really amazing. We bought some orange blossom honey from a local farm stand and ate it on everything everyday. Now that flavor and scent is intertwined with our hometown city winning the superbowl. This fresh citrus scent is sure to bring you joy too!


We make this beeswax lip balm with wax sourced from our own hives and from the hives of other local beekeepers in Kansas City. This lip balm is simple, moisturizing and natural. We love it and hope you do too!

Ingredients: beeswax, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, honey, natural flavor oils, vitamin E, love

Orange Blossom Lip Balm Box of 12 (wholesale $2.50 ea, retail $5.00