Hi, we are Erik and Rachael Messner, and welcome to Messner Bee Farm!!


We keep bees in the Kansas City metro! We focus on natural beekeeping practices and bring you products made with beeswax and honey from happy bees! We make products with the beeswax like lip balm, Beard oil, deodorant and solid perfume. We also sell yummy raw honey! Erik is the head beekeeper, Rachael creates the products and designs all the packaging.

The whole process of the wax from start to finish is amazing. First we watch our bees build their comb, then we collect it, melt it, filter it, melt it again, blend with oils, pour into our containers, label it and then see the product get sold to our customers (and use it ourselves!). It's so rare to see an in ingredient all the way from conception to a finished product and we feel privileged to be a part of it.


Beekeeping is a blast, lovely, hot, scary, a blessing and addicting. How did we get into all of this? It's two-part. Erik has terrible allergies and wanted to get the local honey as a treatment. Rachael read a book about homesteading on their honeymoon that inspired her to keep bees. We asked for a hive for Christmas in 2012 and got one from Erik's grandparents. Best Christmas gift EVER! Thanks Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jerry! We have been in love with bees ever since. 


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* poem "Wagon Full of Bees," by Amanda Carroll

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