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Objective: The goal of this grant is to contribute to pollinator support projects and education. The grant will help the awardee cover the costs of one or more of these items: bees, equipment, classes, pollinator research, pollinator education or a pollinator-friendly garden.

Funding: 10% of Messner Bee Farm jewelry sales are donated to fund this grant. Thank you Kansas City for supporting our pollinators!


Range: $200 - $2,000


Eligibility: Any non-profit organization can apply for this grant. Priority is given to organizations in the Kansas City Metro area, although consideration will be given to applicants from outside of Kansas City.


Requirements: The grant will only cover the objectives listed above. New and experienced beekeepers are invited to apply. If beekeeping is part of your project and you are new, a class will be a required part of your application funds. We will connect you to a local class if you win.


Application Process: Fill out the BEE KIND Pollinator Grant application below.


Award Dates: Grant winners will be chosen and announced annually on February 15th. Application must be completed by Jan 15th to be considered that same year.


Please review and check:
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